Fast 2 hour service

Even if you are in a hurry Droog Cleaning Service can help you with its 2-hour service. You bring your clothes and two hours later they are ready to pick up, with the same quality as you’re used to. Please be aware that this service can only be done at Curiestraat 2, 1098RT Amsterdam

Services & Prices

Dry Cleaning
Price / €
Jackets / Skiwear
Price / €
Household Textiles
Price / €
Suit21.50Ski Pants12,50Duvet 1 Pers. from21.00
3 Piece Suit27.50Ski jacket from20,00Duvet 2 Pers. from25.00
colbert/blazer11.75Ski / Windjacket Down from25,00blanket 1 Pers from15,00
Trousers9.75Parka Jacket Nylon from20,00blanket 2 Pers from20.00
Raincoat20.75Parka Jacket Down from25,00mattress cover 1 Pers.22,50
Winter jack from16.25Bodywarmer Down16,75mattress cover 2 Pers.45,00
Short Jacket from16.25Plaid from8,00
Dress from12.50
Suede / Leather Clothing
Price / €
Tie / Scarf from6,00
Mantle from21.50Suede Jacket Short from45,o0Sleeping Bag19,50
Skirt from9.00Suede Jacket from45,00Sleeping Bag Down22,50
Nylon Jacket from18,50Suede Trousers from45,00
Blouse6,50Suede Blouse from45,o0Table cover from10,50
Vest of Sweater from7.25Suede Vest from45,00Bed sheet4.50
Gilet / Tunic6,50Leather Jacket Short45,00duvet cover7.00
Shirt4,50Leather Jacket Long50,00Sofa Cover from7,50
Leather Trousers from40,00
Price / €
Leather Skirt from29,00
Cotton Curtains m24,00
Price / €
Velours Curtains m25,00
Cotton Curtains Con. m24,95Carpets m218,50
Velours Curtains Con. m25,75
Vitrages m23,00
Price / €
Wash per kilo  (minimum 6kg)3,00
Dressed Shirts Washing and Ironing4,50
Clothing Repairs
Blazer/ Colbert
Price / €
Price / €
Price / €
Sleeves Shorter / Longer from35,00Shorter / Longer from16,00Sleeves Shorter / Longerfrom 35,00
Take In / Lengthen from50,00Take In / Lengthen from20.00New Zipper from40,00
Three Side Take In from40,00New Zipper from16,00
New Pockets from20,00
Price / €
Leather Jacket
Price / €
Shorter / Longer from17,00Sleeves Shorter / Longer from50,00
New Lining from35,00Take in from50,00
New Zipper from20,00New Zipper from50,00




Curiestraat 2
1098 RT Amsterdam
020 – 694 69 56



Ouddiemerlaan 205
1111 GZ Diemen
020 – 690 19 24

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